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Xennya Petit - Virtual Assistant

Thank you for visiting my website. I am Xennya Petit (pronounced Shennya) and I promise I speak fluent English! I even have a slight Essex accent having lived in London and Essex for the past 24 years. I am half Brazilian and half French and am fluent in Portuguese. I can also speak some Spanish and German. 


Now... I'm sure you find it hard to believe that by looking at my photo that I have over 15 years of admin experience, but I really do! Having done work experience at my school as a PA for our head Teacher I fell in love with the world of organising, admin and stationery. The neon post-it notes, highlighters, dividers, folders - oh it goes on! But mostly I love looking after people.


I like to take the load and admin tasks so that you can go on about your business. Whether it's personal or corporate, I organise everything and everyone and not only do I love it, I am actually really good at it! So good that I have been incredibly privileged to have worked for and with some amazing talents and people who have enabled and encouraged me to gain further knowledge in all sectors including Retail, Financial Services, HR, Recruitment and Technology.


I started my journey in 2001 as an office admin working my way up to my most recent roles - Executive Assistant to CEOs. Suffice to say that I have the experience to help and support you with any of your business needs.


Don’t take my word for it - check out for yourself what people are saying about me. 


Starting my own business has not been something that I took lightly. I have the experience and drive, but with anything I take on, I like to succeed and hate to disappoint. In a world where we are all running around like maniacs and spending more time at work agonising over all that paperwork (but be careful before you print – save the trees!), new legislation, data protection, meetings, meetings about meetings, skype calls to de-brief a meeting, expenses, invoices, PPI (oh the PPI calls – will they ever end?) not to mention the best deal on your energy supplier, mobile phone and then throw in children, partner, wife, husband, anniversaries, birthdays – you know – the little thing called LIFE! How are we managing to function properly, let alone efficiently? This is when I thought I could definitely add value and offer a helping hand. These things come easy to me, enabling you to actually focus on your business and personal life and ultimately what is really important to you.


I moved to Lyme Regis in 2015 from London for a quieter life and since having children the plan was to slow down and enjoy life with my loved ones, whilst maintaining a work/life balance. I don’t feel as if I achieved this by working full time and spending hours driving behind a 20mph tractor full of manure trying to get home. That’s when I started thinking about flexible working. How can I continue to do the job I love but also spend quality time with my baby girl who is growing up so quickly and ultimately I will never gain this time back. A-ha – VA came into my mind. As a good PA would do, I researched, I planned, I brainstormed and I went for it!  I am glad to say that it’s the best decision I made. I love it and I hope you get in touch to find out how I can assist you and your business.