What is a Virtual Assistant?

You say PA, I say VA… Potaato, potaeto – technically it’s the same thing. Only a virtual assistant (usually known as VA) is someone who works from a remote location and provides support services to other businesses. They are generally self-employed and provide professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients remotely. Virtual Assistants usually work for other small companies and businesses, but can also support busy executives and help on a personal assistance level. As they tend to be independent contractors as opposed to employees, clients are therefore not responsible for any employee-related taxes, insurance or benefits, except in the context that those indirect expenses which tend to be included in the fees. The most effective and common methods of communication and service delivery are done through the Internet, e-mail and phone-call conferences such as Skype.

What are the benefits?

1. Money:       

You avoid the logistical problem of providing extra office space, equipment or supplies. You pay for 100% productive work and can work with me to meet your exact needs. As long as I remain contracted rather than employed then you can put me down as an expense. As with all other expenses make sure you have all the invoices, receipts showing how much you have paid and I can even process those for you. I am a comparatively cost-effective alternative to employees – you can substantially reduce your costs and invest your money back into your business.


2. Time:           

By delegating all your administration tasks to me, you can get on with your real work saving you time addressing low-level administrative tasks. You also only pay for the time you need; unlike an employee. I offer an hourly rate for short or one-off task, a project rate for a larger specified piece of work, and retainers for set hours each month for any support and on-going tasks you need.


3. Relax:

Using me to do your admin means you don’t have to do it! You can free up your diary, reduce your stress levels and spend more time on the things and people you love. I can keep an eye on your emails, social media, diary - especially if you are in an all-day meeting, on holiday or travelling. You get to relax more knowing someone will be keeping an eye on your business while you are away.

How Can I Help?

My services are effective and professional with flexible support working with you. I ensure good working relationships, clear communication and a friendly personal service.


I absolutely love admin, paperwork, organising and people. As our relationship builds and I learn more about you and your business I am confident I can be a real asset to you. I may know of efficient tools or have experience of new procedures you might want to put in place.


I pride myself on delivering unparalleled service to all my clients. I am dedicated and committed to fulfilling clients requests no matter how big, small or extraordinary they may be.


My attention to detail is exceptional and I handle everything with the strictest of confidence. With my proactive approach I aim to produce the best results possible.


At XP Virtual Assistant it really is easier, faster & better - whatever your needs.