Plans & Pricing

Depending on the amount of support you need, I offer packages that can be tailored to suit you.

Whatever your needs.

Have a look at the available pricing plans. I do my best to accommodate the needs of each client by offering several VA packages. 

Hourly Rate: can be used on an ad-hoc basis - a small amount of work or on a one-off occasion.

Project Rate: a set budget to carry out a specific project or during busy peak periods.

Retainer Package: guaranteed set amount of my time each week/month for a fixed price if you require ongoing support.

£35 per hour

Startup Plan

For any ad-hoc hours or a one off work carried out 



up to 9 hours per month: £315

£32 per hour

Standard Plan

For regular work and projects 



10 hours per month: £320

20 hours per month: £640

£30 per hour

Regular Plan

For guaranteed set amount of time allocation & set budget for specific projects


30 hours per month: £900

£28 per hour

Premium Plan

For ongoing support on a monthly basis



40 hours per month: £1,120

Please note that the project and retainer packages will need to be paid in advance and used within the month. Any unused hours are not transferable. Payments are to be made by bank transfer. 

All invoices will include an exact breakdown of time and work carried out by me. Payment terms are 14 days from date of invoice. 

If you are unsure and would like to discuss your options, please do get in touch for a free consultation to find a package that suits your day-to-day needs.